Hygroscopicity of film greenhouse
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    The ventilation of film greenhouse must be carried out under high temperature, otherwise it will cause the temperature drop of greenhouse. If the air temperature drops too fast, close the vent in time to prevent the sudden drop of temperature from damaging the vegetables.

    1. Overlay. The use of plastic mulch can reduce the evaporation of soil moisture and reduce the indoor air humidity.

    2. The temperature drops. This will reach the temperature on the vegetables and the lower relative humidity of the air. When the plant resists for a long time, 1 hour, then the temperature of the canopy can reach 30 ℃ by ventilation and dehumidification. It can be repeated for 3-4 hours later with the canopy temperature below 25 ℃.

    3. The use of curtain materials with good hygroscopicity. Air permeability and moisture absorption good curtain materials, such as their own nonwovens, to prevent surface condensation, thereby reducing the dew on the greenhouse air humidity.


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