How to use multi span film greenhouse to save energy
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    1、 Semi underground construction is adopted. The inner ground elevation of the thin film greenhouse is 80cm, which can make some of the wall surface of the greenhouse buried in the ground and benzene plate outside the wall, so as to reduce the heat loss of the wall;

    2、 Use new materials. At present, there is a kind of phase-change heat storage wall material that absorbs heat when the sunlight is good in the daytime and emits heat when the temperature in the greenhouse drops at night. If the material can be used in the multi span greenhouse, the energy consumption can be greatly reduced;

    3、 Hollow glass is used for roof and facade. The double-layer insulating glass can enhance the heat preservation of greenhouse, which can save 23.3% - 28.9% energy than the traditional glass greenhouse;

    4、 Using ground source heat pump technology. In winter, the constant temperature water of about 12 ℃ can be transferred to the greenhouse through the heat pump unit to generate 45-55 ℃ hot water for heating; in summer, the constant temperature water of about 12 ℃ can be transferred to the greenhouse through the heat pump unit to generate about 7 ℃ cold water for cooling;

    5、 Steel structure interface cold bridge design is adopted. It can reduce the steel structure part of the energy consuming northern type multi span greenhouse and outdoor. The water tank, expansion joint, ridge and steel door are all insulated with benzene board, perlite, foam board, rock wool and other thermal insulation materials. The thermal conductivity of the thermal insulation material used is 0.35 ‰ - 0.43 ‰ of steel, which significantly reduces energy consumption.


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