Specification and number of solar greenhouse
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    The single roof greenhouse, which is composed of thermal insulation and heat storage wall, North oriented thermal insulation roof (rear roof) and South oriented daylighting roof (front roof), can make full use of solar energy, cover the daylighting roof with thermal insulation materials at night, and can carry out crop overwintering production, is called solar greenhouse.


    1. The number of the solar greenhouse describes the parameters of the characteristics of the solar greenhouse, including geometric parameters, structural forms, main structural materials and thermal resistance of the envelope. For the civil structure solar greenhouse, the thermal resistance of the enclosure structure is mainly the content of civil engineering. As the main structural stress component of the greenhouse, the content of civil engineering can not be included in it. Therefore, the characteristic parameters of solar greenhouse are mainly focused on geometric parameters, structural forms and structural materials.

    One part of "RGWS" is the article of "solar greenhouse"; the other part is the "geometric dimension" of solar greenhouse, including span, ridge height and back slope projection width; the third part is "structural type" and "structural material", in which the structural type includes two meanings, - is whether there is a column in the greenhouse, if there is one, it is marked with the letter "Z", if not, it is nothing; the second part is the type of front roof In case of arch circle, the letter "Y" shall be used for identification; in case of multi fold plane, such as "Wafangdian string type", the letter "P" shall be used for identification; structural materials refer to the materials of the main force-bearing members of the greenhouse, including steel (g), reinforced concrete (H), bamboo (m), etc., among which the steel structure skeleton is different due to different skeleton types, such as steel welding truss, steel tube assembly structure, etc., so as to distinguish them See, change models 1, 2, 3 after material symbol,

    For example, the number rgws-7.0x3.0x1.2 - yzg1 is given, that is, the arch circular steel structure solar greenhouse with column with span of 7.0m, ridge height of 3.0m and back slope projection width of 1.2m. In fact, this numbering rule also classifies the glasshouse with one side slope or the glasshouse with other transparent covering materials into the ranks of solar greenhouses. In order to identify the difference between these materials and the ordinary glasshouse with plastic film as transparent covering materials, we can refer to the numbering method of the general glasshouse, in which the identifier of the transparent covering materials is added. However, due to the fact that the glasshouse with other covering materials is a solar greenhouse The number is small, so the identification of covering material can not be considered in the numbering.

    2. Specifications of solar greenhouse

    There are many specifications of solar greenhouses in all parts of the country, but only Shandong Province has formulated local standards, and the specifications are shown in the table. According to the industry standard of the Ministry of agriculture, according to the combination of span B and height h of the solar greenhouse, the standardization parameters of the solar greenhouse are proposed, as shown in the table. In addition to the span and height parameters, it is also stipulated that the ratio of the projection width of the rear roof of the solar greenhouse to the span (BP / b) should be within the range of 0.13-0.25, the elevation angle of the rear roof of the solar greenhouse should not be less than 25, nor more than 45 *, and the low operation height should be ensured in the solar greenhouse The degree shall not be less than 0.8m.

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